Nigab have a unique and complete solution for the Nordic market. Today Nigab is the leading Nordic private supplier with several leading brands built consistently by Nigab to become the category leaders. A core competitive advantage is built on the unique distribution solution through Trans Alko A/S that is recognised by customers to provide undisputable benefits.

Nigab have been an important supplier for more than 25 years to duty free and travel retail.

Privat: Kristoffer Pipusch

Travel Retail Director and Deputy M.D.

Telefon: 010 762 43 02
Mobile: 0707 45 42 34

Privat: Johan Breife

Key Account Manager - Travel Retail

Telefon: 010 762 43 14
Mobile: 0706 32 54 56

Privat: Sofie Jensen

Brand Manager Travel Retail

Telefon: 010 762 43 00
Mobile: 0729 719 484

Privat: Jonas Lodin

Brand Manager Travel Retail

Telefon: 0)010 762 43 09
Mobile: 0705 48 59 42


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